web socket as wsgi client app?


I’ve looked around, and I see an example showing autobahn running as a wsgi app, serving up pages and being an echo server. I’ve written a wsgi application (glue) before. I’ve written an autobahn wamp v1 application as well using WampServerFactory(). Something like this:

contextFactory = ssl.DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory(keydir + ‘/server.key’, keydir + ‘/server.crt’)

factory = WampServerFactory(wsocket)

factory.protocol = PortalWebSocketServer

factory.setProtocolOptions(allowHixie76 = True)

listenWS(factory, contextFactory)

Is it possible to use the Factory stuff to bind as a wsgi application without taking over the port? I’d like to leave the wsgi applications that are running on the port alone, and just add my autobahn as another wsgi application. Something like modifying my httpd.conf file :

WSGIScriptAlias /transfer /etc/wsgi_transfer.py

and adding one for my autobahn application:

WSGIScriptAlias /autobahn /etc/wsgi_autobahn.py

What am I missing here? Can I be a wsgi client application without taking on the apache server chores?