WAMP naming: summary and recommendation


Hi all,

rgd the WAMP naming issue: thanks to all who provided feedback!

Here are the collected suggestions:

Autobahn autobahn
BahnMP bahnmp
WAMP2 wamp2
WAMPex wampex
WAMPio wampio
WAMPire wampire
WAMPP wampp
WAMP-Proto wamp-proto
WAMPro wampro
WAMProto wamproto (2)
WampWire wampwire
WAMPws wampws (1)
WAMPx wampx
WAMPxt wampxt
whempro whempro

Note: I have read through all replies .. cannot summarize all the points raised there .. only the suggested names.



I have been thinking and weighing up this issue and the suggestions for a while. It's about

- benefits of name changing: less ambiguity, possibly sexier name,


- costs of name changing: lots of work and friction, more confusion

I think the risks of name changing are real. And (IMO) while some of the suggested names are definitely nice, none is really outstanding compared to what we have.

In light of this tradeoff, I came to the following conclusion:

We should use a highly selective _hashtag_ but leave the name - as used when talking or in writings - unchanged.

The hashtag should have a close and immediate relation to "WAMP"

Both (1) and (2) fullfil this. And (1) has the advantages:

- already brings up useful results
- resembles the domain http://wamp.ws
- we can do likewise with Autobahn and Crossbar (use the domain name as hashtag)


So to summarize, I added a FAQ: "Why is it called WAMP and how do I use it?"

to the WAMP website: http://wamp.ws/faq/#naming

I really hope this direction will serve the WAMP community!