Upgrades ...


Hi, I’ve just upgraded my code to run with the latest version of Crossbar … (from v12) …

Few bits I had to tweak;

  1. First run does an upgrade your config.json from v1 to v2, which will add a “disclose” section.

By default this is set to “false”, if you were previously using “disclose” in the client, you will need to change this to “true”

  1. If you are using a dynamic authorizer, instead of returning True/False, you will need to alter your return to;

{ “allow”: True|False, “disclose”: True|False}, so an auth success - assuming you were previously using client

disclose would be; return {“allow”: True, “disclose”: True}

  1. The latest version of “pip” appears not to work with the Crossbar archive, so you may need to pin your “pip” install

back to 8.1.1, which does work.

  1. There appears to be some additional type checking on “realm”, so if you were previously using a string variable to

hold realm (which used to work) for example; realm = “world”, it now seems to need; realm = u"world".

New stuff all looks pretty good … don’t suppose there’s any news on routing messages between routers? :slight_smile: