Upgrade to 0.12.1


Hi, I’ve just upgraded to 0.12.1 (well, rolled out a new instance with the latest version of everything) and I’m happy to report that everything “just worked”.

Not seen any problems or incompatibilities thus far.

No problems with authentication, custom authorization or unicode to be found anywhere … :slight_smile:

One very minor issue, I’m now seeing very verbose “WAMP SEND” and “WAMP RECV” messages in the logging which weren’t there before … any pointers to where I might look to turn this logging back down again?



Ok, so it looks like Autobahn is defaulting to “trace” level monitoring. Can anyone tell me how I set the default log level for an Crossbar/Autobahn application that’s launched via “twistd” ?
(this has changed since v0.11)