Update: WebSocket test suite reports - Mobile (Android)


Report updated for mobile clients:


This was run on a Samsung Galaxy Note / ICS:

- Chrome for Android
- Firefox
- AutobahnAndroid (a native Android Java implementation)

The device was connecting via Wifi to AutobahnTestsuite.

The failed cases in the 9.* section are expected, due to configured limits on message payload size.

AutobahnAndroid is on-par (sometimes faster) with browsers performance-wise.

For the UTF-8 fail fast tests:

AutobahnAndroid does fail-fast per-frame, whereas browsers (as on desktop) only fail per-message.

AutobahnAndroid currently does not fail really fast (on first offending octet) as does AutobahnPython.

We did no testing for iOS, since as fast as I know there still is no Hybi/RFC6455 browser there (AutobahnPython supports Hixie-76 also, but the AutobahnTestsuite only tests Hybi-10+ clients).

We don't have a Windows Phone device with IE10 .. so no results unfort.