TLS 1.3 from iOS?

Google and Apple have been upping their requirements for security in networking protocols, and the latest version of iOS 15.2 requires a connection using TLS 1.3. Can anyone here comment whether the current server will support that? Currently I am using MDWamp Obj-C client; will TLS 1.3 work with that combination?

Also wondering if someone can comment on the ongoing support for WAMP. The client options for iOS seem to be getting a bit long in the tooth. MDWamp hasn’t been updated in 7 years, and there doesn’t seem to be any good clients in Swift. What does support look like for WAMP in the future?


rgd TLS v1.3 in

rgd ongoing support for WAMP on Obj-C: yes, we’d love to! however, as WAMP community, we depend on resources to actually maintain/support stuff like this.

fwiw, we’ve recently started an effort to bring WAMP related OSS projects under a common foundation which would be able to collect grants/sponsorships

if you are specifically interested in MDWamp as a user, you might contact those developers, maybe they are interested in joining the WAMP DAO …


Thank you for the suggestion and duly noted, I didn’t know about this. Confirmed working with iOS 15.2, MDWamp, RHEL 7 (!!), TLS.

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