Tessel template for Crossbar.io


Tobias and I were recently at a Microsoft IoT Hackathon in Berlin, where we were provided with some Tessels to hack on.

The Tessel is a microcontroller which runs JavaScript, has intergrated wi-fi and can be extended with modules. It allows you to get into hardware/IoT hacking using full-stack JavaScript (great for people like me who don’t know anything else).

I’ve added a Crossbar.io application template that allows you to get started with Crossbar and the Tessel without any headaches. With an updated Crossbar (update from GitHub repo for now), just do

crossbar init --template hello:tessel

and you get the usual hello app with one component running on the Tessel (and the other in the browser).

You can also take a look at the Alarm App that we created as part of the hackathon. This uses two Tessels, an accelerometer and a camera module, and has a NodeJS backend.

Hope this inspires others to give the Tessel a try - it’s a fun little device to tinker around with!