Subscribing to stream data

We are an asset management and onboarding I want to understand if the crossbar is the right technology to subscribe to stream of data like messages being pushed continuously and there are multiple subscribers to the data. What is the bottle neck? Also there will be multiple streams of data at the same given time and multiple subscribers to each stream. For example getting fx prices stream for multiple currencies.


Yes, this should work fine for as that is exactly the feature “Publish/Subscribe” (PubSub) provides … the bottleneck will be the router, likely, as every message traverses it. If you can put some topics in different realms that can give you more throughput. How much data to you anticipate sending? (i.e. messages / second or MB/s)

We can anticipate 500-1000 messages per second. They are not huge, it’s a json message.

Sorry for the delay. That should work fine!