Scaling Autobahn



Autobahn is gaining traction in different communities for being easy to use, getting the job done and being quite featureful. That is nice to hear! I love it. You know, it's all quite a big undertaking - much bigger and much, much more work than originally expected;( Yeah, well. Call me naive;) Btw: if you want to help, yes please, you're welcome!

However, lately, quite a few people have expressed concerns about scalability of Autobahn (and WAMP). I have thought about this for longer and had a rough plan in mind, but never had time and sufficient pressure I guess to just start the work.

But now I have the impression that the "scalability concerns" really holds us (the Autobahn and WAMP community) back. And you know: I would be the same. Do NOT believe, demand proof. Numbers.

So without further ado, I have done some testing of scaling Twisted Web on multicore and wanted to share:

This is the first part of a series, and I expect to flesh out more over the coming weeks.

For those that are running short in time or want to have a teaser first, here are the results, including comparison with Nginx:

Personally, I think the results are quite encouraging. I'd love to hear any feedback, comments and suggestions!