Repository changes


Hello all,

I have done a couple of administrative things on the Git repos I wanted
to let you know.

You will need to adjust your Git repo clones. I am sorry for that inconvenience, but better do it now, once for all ..


I have moved/renamed/splitoff the Git repos to our company GitHub
account: => =>

JS code from old Autobahn repo =>

The naming scheme:

Autobahn<Python, JS, Android, ..>

=> full featured WebSockets + RPC/PubSub (WAMP)

AutobahnPush<Python, ...>

=> simple HTTP/REST push clients connecting to our upcoming virtual appliance product. Allows to push out
to any WAMP clients.

How to change your Git stuff.

2 options:

a) Easy: Drop your clone, reclone from new repo location. Done.

git clone git://
git clone git://

b) Quite easy: change remote defs.

I.e. if you have setup your own repo to have "upstream" pointing to
Autobahn, then to adjust your Git remote's

git remote set-url upstream git://

git remote set-url upstream git://