Python examples


If I understand Autobahn correctly, it provides an nice library across many languages to leverage things like WAMP and WebSockets to perform duplex near real time communication (messages and/or rpcs) between applications (including browsers) across networks.

This sounds great and I’d like to use it! I have an existing, rather complex Python application that occasionally (a few times per second) needs to send and receive data (small amounts of json) to/from another python application on another host.

As a scientific programmer with very minimal web programming experience (1 day’s experience with twisted and tornado), I would really like an example of how I can leverage autobahn to send and receive data from my existing application.

But all the examples on have all their logic inside the functions/callbacks defined in the protocol, and I cannot find any examples of using Autobahn to do my kind of task: send my data every so often over a publish/subscribe pattern.

Am I completely missing the point or are these kinds of examples still in the making?