PHP Guest Worker

Would it be possible to get a bit more of an expanded description of how an external worker functions, and what is going on in the examples? The bit i’m tripping up on is the sync/async nature of it: conceptually i’d like to be able to get a simple yes/no from a CLI script at the time of connection, rather than run a perpetual “server”-like process in the background which needs supervision.

This is fairly simple, but it would be good to get some clarification on it:

            "type": "guest",
            "executable": "/usr/bin/env",
            "arguments": [

In the example, the PHP file is invoking the Thruway package, and presumably running NodeJS-style using React (or some other async package)? What are the last 4 arguments, and how are they passed to the worker? What’s the expected output?

The spec is really, really, REALLY dry reading. It helps to have a human perspective!

Guest workers are just “any program at all” that are run by Crossbar. For development, it would be basically the same to just remove that stanza from your config and run “php ../authenticator.php ws:// realm1 authenticator1 secret123” in a separate shell.

So, those last four args are just extra command-line args passed to your authenticator.php program.