Pattern-based subscriptions with Autobahn|Cpp



I’ve seen that Crossbar provides wildcard matching for pattern-based subscriptions and that a matching policy wildcard needs to be set within the subscription options.

There is even an example written in JavaScript (using Autobahn|JS) that shows how the subscription would be done:

session.subscribe(“com.mychatapp.privatechannel…statusupdate”, monitorStatusUpdates, { match: “wildcard” });


Since I’m using Autobahn|Cpp, I looked in autobahn_impl.hpp and I realized that ONLY pattern-based registrations are supported:

template<typename IStream, typename OStream>
boost::future session<IStream, OStream>::provide(const std::string& procedure, E endpoint, const provide_options& options)


There is no implementation for the session.subscribe that accepts a subscribe_options& parameter. From my understanding there is no way in Autobahn|Cpp to subscribe to a topic and set options to enable matching policy.

Do you have any idea when this would be available?