new releases



we've pushed new releases of 16.10.1
AutobahnPython 0.16.1 / txaio 2.5.2
AutobahnJS 0.11.1
AutobahnCpp 0.2.1

In the course of releasing, I've pimped up our release process and retested interop between all Autobahns and using the Docker images we provide (please see below).



---, AutobahnPython and txaio are available from PyPI:


AutobahnJS is available for ..




--- (Community) and all Autobahns are available on Docker:

All Dockerfiles (and some READMEs) can be found here:

AutobahnCpp/Boost/ASIO (a complex C++11 beast) including all examples now builds on both gcc and clang from a single code base (this has cost me some nerve wracking hours .. C++, big cannon, but tricky to control).

However, lucky you, we did the hard work: using the Docker images gives you an immediate head start with all tooling and everything working out of the box.


There is also an alpha version of for Docker/ARM (thanks Hawkie!):

This still needs more love and testing. And we want the same for all images (the Autobahns). Next time.

--- Fabric (a flavor of with additional features) is still in the baking, but will follow soonish.

This will take us another 2 weeks - we're prepping for

which we sponsor and also will do 2 talks there and also present a smart replenishment IoT showcase using I'll post about that.

If you are in Germany, or near Erlangen, come over! The event is fully booked, but we have free vouchers!