new release AutobahnPython 0.18.1



happy to announce a new release: we've worked hard on this one. You can get the release from PyPI

and from GitHub (properly tagged)

Have fun, and please support us, spread the word!


PS: before you ask, yes, needs a new release too - and this (v17.3.0) will come these days too! I have more to say about how we want to improve our release processes (which do suck somewhat) in a follow up post.

1) New features and issues fixed

This release brings a whole bunch of fixes and new features.

Please see the 0.18.1 + 0.18.0 changelog:

2) PyPy 3 support

This is also the first release of AutobahnPython that is fully tested and works on PyPy3!

As you know, we love PyPy;)

Here are WebSocket test reports for a total of 16 combinations of Python used, networking framework used, and client vs server, summing up to a total of 8304 test cases run!!

Pulling this off was, puh, quite some work, and we developed further test automation not getting insane on this. Which now is there.

Note: there are some timeouts on the WebSocket compression tests for servers which are due to my slow machine / too harsh test case timeout setting, and me running out of time. The whole testing thing takes hours for all combinations ..

3) Documentation polish

We've done a lot of polish rgd the docs

Still perfect, but better;)

Eg the API reference now should be much more accessible and usable: