Multiple WAMP connections re-using the same AuthID


Hi all

When we started working on our project a few months back we ran into an interesting piece of behaviour with WAMP and Crossbar that worked to our benefit.

When web front-end connects to Crossbar it does so in a ticketed mode, providing an AuthID that associates to a user in our system and a ticket obtained via an OTP process. We discovered that after connecting, a new browser instance used the web front-end to connect it would break the older connection. We figured this was due to the AuthID being common in both cases. I would have reported this as a bug but it worked in our favour so we ignored it.

However, it seems like this behaviour has changed in the intervening months during which we upgraded Crossbar versions once or twice. It seems like it is now possible for multiple sessions from different browsers to share the same AuthID with no issues.

I was just wondering if this change was a bug-fix or a regression of some kind?