Missing Configuration for Router to Router Links

@oberstet I didn’t find any configuration examples or any documentation for Router to Router Links.
I also want to understand if Router to Router Links work for:

  1. 1 or N realms. What are the limitations of N.
  2. Do registrations and subscriptions both get shared amongst the Multiple Routers via the Router to Router Links?
  3. Any suggestions for testing and checking the performance?
  4. Also any production level setting you can recommend
    @oberstet @om26er @meejah

I would like to appreciate the community for all the hard work. It’s feature-rich and a robust for CEP. Been using it for more than a year now and am waiting for more on Scaling Out, High Availability and Clustering features.

Thanks in advance!


router-to-router links are still under development and not yet released, so there is no docs or official examples yet.

yes, subscriptions/registrations will work shared (from the client point of view, which is all that matters). so a client A connected to node 1 subscribing to topic T will receive events published to T from a client B connected to node 2 - if a r2r link exists between node 1 and 2.

however, we recently lifted “proxy workers” to beta. Proxy workers will work in tandem with r2r links for the complete HA/scalability of a single realm, but can already provide much of that story by themself.

eg we recently demonstrated:

  • 150,000+ WAMP calls/sec @ 256 bytes/call
  • test load was coming from 128 WAMP clients connected to 10 realms
  • WAMP RPC traffic on the router ~1Gb/s
  • router consumed 12 CPU cores and 6GB RAM

We could have gone further in ^ … probably up to almost 1 million RPCs/sec on a single box. If you want to start experimenting with that, here is a complete example:

The feature is in a reasonable shape now, eg it works with all supported transports and authentication methods. So any testing and feedback would be highly welcome! :wink:

Rgd router-to-router links: as said, this is still under active development, but comes next.

Eg here is an early experiment demonstrating HA https://github.com/crossbario/crossbar-examples/tree/master/rlinks/ha_setup - but again, this is not yet quite there …