Minimal, self-contained Crossbar deployment for embedded systems


FYI, I use Arch Linux on multiple single board computers, 32bit and 64. I’ve had no problems installing or using crossbar and autobahn python


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Hi, they are, for obvious reasons. Python however (and other scripting languages) are generally architecture agnostic and for such occurrences we have an architecture labelled as “noarch”. (this is also used for documentation, “man” pages and the like) If you have a Python application that will run on any system, typically when you build the package, choose “noarch” as the architecture and it will install on any platform.

If you use the stock Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi, it should come with access to “apt” and packages built for ARM architecture, including things like “pip”.

I must admit I didn’t actually run Crossbar “on” a Pi, we used Pi/Autobahn clients with a cloud based Crossbar … but I was sort of expecting “pip” to be able to pull crossbar down and compile it up … (??)

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you could use docker.