JOB: Senior and Lead Software Engineers | ClusterHQ | Bristol, UK | relocation offered


Dear Autobahn community,

We hope that it’s ok to share jobs with the group in this manner, as we urgently need your skills in Python async programming as newly-funded open source provider ClusterHQ prepares to make its first major release this summer.

In particular, we need you to help solve the kinds of containerisation and data management problems that arise from deploying modern applications in a micro-service environment, integrating with Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, CoreOS etc.

Containers will impact infrastructure, application architecture and software delivery as fundamentally in the coming years as virtualisation has in the last decade. Right now, the core technology and practices are being built to enable containers to move from developer tools to production-ready infrastructure for large critical systems. ClusterHQ is front and centre in the container world, extending containers from managing stateless applications to include filesystems, databases, queues, etc. This means application+data can be moved as a unit between hosts, enabling continuous delivery, failover and scaling.

Coding is Python and Go, using asynchronous frameworks and you can transition from another language or framework. ClusterHQ is offering relocation to Bristol UK, which is fast becoming the cloud computing hub of Europe and offers a high quality of life. You will be collaborating with accomplished contributors to open source projects OpenZFS and Twisted.

You can read more at: and

I’d be glad to take questions and tell you more. Please free to contact me directly via the methods below.

techfolk is an independent recruitment specialist working for ClusterHQ.

Thanks for your time,


Andrew Gifford, Founder

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