Dynamically Register/Call or Subscribe/Publish for methods/events


As In crossbar we can Register/Call or Subscribe/Publish the procedure/events, but if we want to do this stuff dynamically at run time, is there any provision for that?? because once we write the code, if we want to add more procedure/events dynamically then what to do??



I’m not sure I porperly understand the question. All subscriptions etc. an application makes are from code (how else?). These can happen at any time during the operation of the application. There is no differentiation between an “initial” subscription/registration and one later on. Simply subscribe, register, publish, call when your program logic requires it.

There is also no need to have full knowledge of topics etc. at start. You can e.g. subscribe based on the payload of an event (“com.maypp.new_topic_created”) and get the topic from that event as well.