Dynamic authenticator with external authentication service error


Now the problem is when i reach the line that calls the external service
it is not executed or at least the external service is never called. To
eliminate the external service as an error source i assign instead a
default role to the caller e.g. "user". Unfortunately the role is never

Is the role "user" configured on the realm?

Could you try out this example please (works for me):



From the crossbar logs i can determine that the branch in the code is
executed but the returned role never reaches my client.

Here is a snippet from my code:

# check if peer is external authentication service
if authid == "auth-service":
if token == "secret-token":
  return "auth-service"
# otherwise check the external authentication service
  print('user authentication process')
  if token == 'secret':
  print('got token') # <--- logged on the console, so branch is executed
  return settings.CLIENT_DEFAULT_ROLE

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Hi Tobias,

yes the role ‘user’ is defined in the crossbar settings including a wildcard authorization allowing all calls and registrations. I tried using a different name for the role but still the same result.

I already tried the official examples. Unfortunately it does not run by default (import error for method pprint_json()). When i remove the call of the method the authenticator works. Still get an error

#line 62: ticket = details[‘ticket’]
TypeError: string indices must be integers


Investigation shows that details already is the ticket string. When changing it to ticket = details it works fine.

Apart from those the examples runs fine, authentication works as expected.

I’m using python 3.5.0 and the latest packages from pip: crossbar 0.11.2, autobahn 0.11.0. I have tried to use the git version of crossbar but it does not install due to a compilation error.

cheers mo



I also tried anonymous authentication (enabled in crossbar config). Here a snippet from my code:


“auth”: {

“ticket”: {

“type”: “dynamic”,

“authenticator”: “com.myapp.authenticate”,

“authenticator-realm”: “realm1”


“anonymous”: {

“role”: “anonymous”





in onConnect:

self.join(realm, [‘anonymous’], “anonymous”)


authenticator backend:

in authenticate(realm, authid, token):

elif(authid == “anonymous”):
return “anonymous”
return “anonymous”


The authenticate method in the backend never gets called (i guess this could be normal as there are no credentials i need to send as i’m trying to login as anonymous user). But unfortunately either way my client does not receive a response/authentication from the server.



I throw away the client from the examples and build a new one from scratch and - surprise surprise - it works perfectly