hello template on Windows


I’m trying to do some tests with the latest version of (downloaded from git 2 days ago) on Windows 8.1 and I succeeded to run the basic demos (autobahn/examples), using the provided VS2015 project.
Though, I wasn’t able to run the ‘‘hello’’ template generated by, for which I need your advice / support, please.
Because of lack of demo build support for Windows, I made my own VS2015 project, but the build failed because of some missing stuff required by the hello.cpp or hello2.cpp source code that I couldn’t find in the downloads (e.g. definitions of anyvec/anymap/autobahn::session).
Eventually I found differences between the expected stuff (autobahn.hpp / autobahn_impl.hpp files from ) and my downloaded stuff (autobahn.hpp from, without autobahn_impl.hpp file).
Noticed differences:
1.Demo presentation at :
oberstet@ubuntu1404:~$ crossbar init --template hello:cpp --appdir $HOME/hello application directory ‘/home/oberstet/hello’ created
Initializing application template ‘hello:cpp’ in directory ‘/home/oberstet/hello’
Creating directory /home/oberstet/hello/autobahn
Creating directory /home/oberstet/hello/.crossbar
Creating directory /home/oberstet/hello/web
Creating file /home/oberstet/hello/SConstruct
Creating file /home/oberstet/hello/hello.cppCreating file /home/oberstet/hello/
Creating file /home/oberstet/hello/autobahn/autobahn.hpp
Creating file /home/oberstet/hello/autobahn/autobahn_impl.hpp
Creating file /home/oberstet/hello/.crossbar/config.json
Creating file /home/oberstet/hello/web/index.html
Creating file /home/oberstet/hello/web/autobahn.min.js
Application template initialized
2. My trying:
D:\hello>crossbar init --template hello:cpp
Automatically choosing optimal Twisted reactor
Running on Windows and optimal reactor (ICOP) was installed.
Initializing application template ‘hello:cpp’ in directory ‘D:\hello’
Using template from ‘c:/python27/lib/site-packages/crossbar/templates/hello/cpp’
Creating directory D:\hello.crossbar
Creating directory D:\hello\web
Creating file D:\hello\hello.cpp
Creating file D:\hello\hello2.cpp
Creating file D:\hello\
Creating file D:\hello\SConstruct
Creating file D:\hello.crossbar\config.json
Creating file D:\hello\web\index.html
Application template initialized

Please, let me know how can I use the “hello” template on my platform.