at EuroPython 2016


Hi all,

we'll be at EuroPython 2016 this year

and we've applied for a talk and a workshop (see below).

Community voting for talks/workshops is open for all conference participants from yesterday until Sunday 20th March 23:59:59.

So if you come to EuroPython, please consider voting;) Or spread the word ..




I have applied for a talk:

Scaling Microservices with
- Easy distributed systems from mobiles to servers

Talk #158 (45 mins) for Intermediate

Actually, this would be the very first public talk on at a conference;)

And we have a really stunning demo idea to show off the scaling - with audience participation.


Then Alex and I applied to hold a workshop:

Create a cloud-connected IoT app with #159
All the basics you need to get hacking your own applications

Training (180 mins) for Beginner


And Hawkie (Twisted core developer and release manager, core developer) has applied for:

The Report Of Twisted’s Death #214
Why Twisted and Tornado Are Relevant In The Asyncio Age

Talk (45 mins) for Advanced