17.8.1: fixes, Tor support and snaps



we've just release 17.8.1 which includes a couple of bug fixes, and a cool new feature: now natively support running over Tor!

Support was added by meejah, core developer, and author of supports Tor in 3 ways:

1. WAMP clients connecting to over Tor cannot be tracked by the router they connect to (their IP address is hidded by the Tor Onion routing network)

2. can run as a Tor hidden service (on a .onion) domain. Thus, itself cannot be tracked down.

3. hosted components support connecting to another WAMP router over Tor

Please see here for docs:



Tor support is part of our continued efforts to make cutting edge (also) in security aspects.

FWIW, I don't know of any other message broker that has builtin native Tor support like we have now;)


You can get the new release from PyPI

from Docker (3 CPU archs)

and (also new!) as snaps (only x86-64 and armhf for now):

snaps are cool! Ubuntu Core is cool;)