Could not build docker image due to critical CVEs

Hi, I could not build the image from **crossbario/crossbar:latest** image. The build logs show some CVE issues: CVE-2019-19816, CVE-2019-19814, CVE-2019-19813

I attach a screenshot here:

Does anyone encounter this issue before?


Hi there,

no, I haven’t seen this in our images, which are built from vanilla upstream FROM python:3.7-slim.

whatever unpatched OS-level security issues there are, those would need to be updated in that upstream image.

should note, I am referring to the images we build/publish (not sure what you tried), the latest is here:


Hi, I am using the crossbario/crossbar:latest and seems today the CVE-2019-19813 has been fixed. However, I still see the CVE-2019-19816 and CVE-2019-19814: