Clandeck - Real-time Community App - Call for alpha testers ..


Hi all,

to support the developer community around WAMP, Autobahn and, we've created a new community app: Clandeck.

This is alpha software .. but there are already a couple of nifty features:

1) It tracks visitors to WAMP/Autobahn/Crossbar related Web sites in real-time!

Try opening Clandeck, plus in a 2nd browser/tab one of the Web sites:


You should see your activity in Clandeck.

2) It includes a community chat

3) It integrates and archives a couple of related info sources:

- multiple IRC channels
- multiple Twitter filtered streams
- Google groups mailing lists

4) It features a fully responsive HTML5-based UI: try shrinking the browser window and see how the UI adjusts. Means: it works even on (modern) mobile browsers .. and it can be packaged up via Phonegap.



Of course the complete app runs under Hence, it also serves a showcase what's possible with roughly

- 3.5k lines of Python
- 5k lines of JavaScript


I'd love to hear your feedback .. pls try it!