Cannot Install Crossbar on LINUIX

I am a student and very new to Crossbar. I have to learn its basics to work with my professor on a project.I am installing Crossbar on my LINUIX system using CPython.
After installing CPython when I go for pip command check it is showing errors :

Command -> " ~/python2713/bin/python -m ensurepip "

Error-> " zipimport.ZipImportError: can’t decompress data; zlib not available "

I have tried many solutions like uncomment the zlib code line in python->modules->setup file , also have installed zlib directories but still couldn’t fix it.
Some initial help will be really appreciated
Thanks You

You are using the wrong version of Python there. Crossbar only works with Python3.4+, from the look of it you are running Python2.7.13, kindly take care of that first.

Once you are on Python3, I think you should be able to install Crossbar.

If you don’t plan to actually develop Crossbar, I’d suggest you should try installing the snap package of Crossbar, that way you won’t need to take care of installing dependencies at all.

snap install crossbar