AWS AMI is from 2015 maybe: version 0.11.1

I am interested in exploring and using Crossbar, I came across this page:

But, before I hit launch on my AMI, I decided to check the version.
It appears the AMI was built on November 1, 2015.
It would seem likely this is version 0.11.1 from that year.

I take it this is an outdated AMI?
I am guessing a docker image is how I should proceed?
Maybe it would help new users if you remove the page and the AMI? (or update them)

Hope this is helpful.

Hi there,

yes, sorry, I guess we should remove that page altogether (AMI based install).

I’d go with docker pull crossbario/crossbar:pypy3-20.8.1 … this is the latest release for Docker on x86-64, and using PyPy (a tracing JIT compiler for Python).