AutobahnPython + Crossbar: new releases


Hi all,

just pushed 2 releases:

AutobahnPython 0.9.2

This is a maintenance release with some fixes and smaller features (please see for details).


--- 0.9.9

This is a feature release that adds:

- "Hello C#" application template: demonstrates WAMP RPC and PubSub from C# using WampSharp

- support for web-socket-js, a Flash powered WebSocket implementation that can be used as a fallback solution on old browsers

plus a bunch of bug fixes as well (e.g. the C++ / AutobahnCpp based application template "Hello C++" now actually works).


Regarding WampSharp: it has a really neat API, which is statically typed, still concise and leads to nicely readable code. Have a look here:

WampSharp allows WAMP to reach right into Windows desktop apps, Windows Phone apps or MS Office plugins. Which is coool;)