AutobahnPython 0.5.2 / WAMP Challenge-Response Authentication


AutobahnPython 0.5.2 has been released:

  * a bunch of smaller fixes/improvements
  * WAMP Challenge Response Authentication

It's on PyPi (, so you can
get the new version simply by:

easy_install -U autobahn



WAMP Challenge-Response Authentication ("WAMP-CRA") performs in-band
authentication of WAMP clients to WAMP servers.

WAMP-CRA is a cryptographically strong challenge response authentication
protocol based on HMAC-SHA256.

WAMP-CRA does not introduce any new WAMP protocol level message types, but implements the authentication handshake via standard WAMP RPCs with well-known procedure URIs and signatures.

The protocol is currently implemented in

  * AutobahnPython Client + Server
  * AutobahnJS (= Client)

Support in AutobahnAndroid (= Client) will follow next.

You can find a complete working code example under

Of course WAMP-CRA is also supported in - The Web Message Broker .. a virtual appliance that lets you get started with
WebSocket/WAMP in minutes:

Happy hacking,