AutobahnPython 0.5.0 release


A new version of AutobahnPython is done, including a bunch of new
features, improvements and some fixes:


  - DoS protection: WS opening handshake timeouts (configurable)
  - DoS protection: failing TCP by drop vs abort (configurable)
  - performance: optimized buffer management
  - performance: optimized/pluggable frame maskers
  - performance: PyPy compatibility/testing
  - performance: IOCP/epoll/kqueue compatibility/testing
  - feature: prepareMessage/sendPreparedMessage
  - feature: for WSS clients, automatically create TLS context
  - feature: user agent WS support detection helper


  - feature: exclude/eligible lists for publish
  - feature: Welcome message implemented
  - performance: optimized msg dispatch to subscribers


  - split off JS WAMP impl. to own repo
  - split off TestSuite to own repo
  - polished / completed docs


  - Package:
  - Source:
  - Reference:
  - Home (under cstrct):

In summary: Autobahn is maturing!

If you like this stuff, and are using it for your project,
write a couple of lines .. preferably encouraging;)

Happy hacking,




I’m just loving this project.

I want to let you know that there’s a little problem with the examples.

The following files rely on the Javascript library

As these projects have separated, some issues arise.

other examples work right out of the box, which is cool. It’s not really a problem if you’re really interested in learning about the examples, BUT if you just want to check out the examples to see what autobahn CAN do, then it’s not just a doubleclick to open it the browser
and it works, but this then means to check why it doesn’t work, fix the
paths and all of that.

I’d recommend you to place the javascript
file inside the AutobahnPython/examples folders, this underlines the fact that it doesn’t belong to AutobahnPython, probably with a readme.txt telling me to check out the latest version at AutobahnJs if I’m serious about using the library (or you could place that text in the
html file). Or maybe just make sure that AutobahnJs and AutobahnPython/examples always contain the same version of the library.

Kind regards,



Hi Daniel,

I'm just loving this project.


I want to let you know that there's a little problem with the examples.

As these projects have separated, some issues arise.

Ah, yeah. Thanks for reporting! I have fixed the script links .. they
now point to the one hosted by Tavendo.

This is convenient and works out of the box .. as long as there is

The other options (having it manually copied, having a ../.. link pointing to a "parallel" checkout of the AutobahnJS repo) - did not
appear very desirable.