AutobahnPython 0.10.0 release - now MIT licensed!


Hi all,

I am happy to announce AutobahnPython 0.10.0

The biggest thing: we changed the license from Apache 2.0 to MIT.

Note: Yes, we did contact and got acknowledge from all contributors. Thanks to all!


The Apache 2.0 license is very liberal already. It is compatible with commercial closed source as well as GPL 3.0, but it is NOT compatible with GPL 2.0. The MIT license is.

So if you have a GPL 2.0 code base: you now can use AutobahnPython;)

The trigger actually was: Buildbot is _considering_ using WAMP, AutobahnPython and

Buildbot ( is a build automation and continuous integration system widely used - and we would be very happy if they chose a WAMP tech stack obviously;)

Big thanks to Pierre (Buildbot & Intel) to organize the license change!

And for pressing me to go PEP8;) A change we did already in 0.9.6.



AutobahnJS is MIT already. We will switch AutobahnCpp and AutobahnAndroid to MIT also.