Autobahn WebSockets 0.4.2 released


Autobahn WebSockets 0.4.2 is done, which includes an update of the WS test

  * supports draft 14
  * UTF-8 test coverage
  * now >200 test cases

The UTF-8 test cases both cover UTF-8 per-se (RFC3629) as well as specifics
related to WS, for example testing fragmentation within code points and
whether the implementation fails fast, or only upon complete frames or
complete messages.

The underlying UTF-8 validator is incremental, and thus streaming capable.
The implementation is based on the algorithm

"Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder" by Bjoern Hoehrmann

[Python also includes an incr. validator, but there are unresolved issues
related to
UTF-16 surrogates being accepted - which is wrong]

Test reports including current browsers (Firefox/Chrome) can be found here