Autobahn|Python 0.8.8 release



this fresh Autobahn release

brings WAMP support for asyncio.

This means, you can now use Autobahn to create WAMP application components, using either Twisted or asyncio as basis.

If you use Python 3.4, AutobahnPython can now run without anything else! (ok, 1 little package "six" for Py2/3 support).

WAMP/asyncio is still alpha, but all 14 examples here

already work.

Other examples like WAMPlet

also work exactly as the Twisted version

These latter examples also demonstrate the use of the helper "ApplicationRunner" .. which simplifies development/simple hosting.


PS: a prerequisite for WAMP/asyncio support was making Autobahn fully Python 3 compatible. Once Twisted is fully supported on Python 3, you will also be able to run Python 3 / Twisted for WAMP ..