Autobahn client-component cannot connect with Voting demo at wss://




I am trying to create an AutobahnPython component that can interact with the Vote demo run by Tavendo at

But even my first tries are unsuccessful… When I try to run this code:

all I get is a line with ‘disconnected’, so apparently my session join fails.

I’d be grateful if someone could point out my mistake(s) in this code?

I’m on autobahn 0.10.2.

Bonus question: how can the .crossbar/config.json say that the realm is ‘realm1’ and the web/js/frontend.js use realm ‘crossbardemo’?

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I found that, using the autobahn 0.10.1 library, my code can connect to the router at wss://, but not when using autobahn 0.10.2.

So this is either a regression in the autobahn library,

or the crossbar router at should be upgraded to reflect the current state of the downloadable files of the project.

I filed an issue for this:

The answer to the bonus question seems to me that the deployed configuration uses a different config file (i.e. realm=‘crossbardemo’ i.s.o. ‘realm1’) than which is stored in the repo