Autobahn Android Odd Error


AutobahnAndroid can deliver WebSocket text messages either as a Java String or in raw form as a byte array.

For WAMP, raw mode is used, since the text payload is JSON and needs to be parsed via Jackson, and the latter can be done on byte array directly - so there is no need for conversion to string. A performance optimization.

The option is set here:

public class WampConnection extends WebSocketConnection implements Wamp {

    public void connect(String wsUri, Wamp.ConnectionHandler sessionHandler) {

       WampOptions options = new WampOptions();


Am 15.01.2013 16:10, schrieb Kody Peterson:

I am seeing the following error when subscribing to an event with
Autobahn Android and Ratchet as my backend, can anyone shed some light??

non-raw receive of text message

Thanks so much, any help is appreciated!


Did you change that option?