Autobahn and WAMPv2



as a follow up to my other mail announcing WAMPv2, here is the upcoming support matrix in Autobahn:


- roles: Publisher, Subscriber, Caller, Callee, Broker, Dealer
- transports: WebSocket (client + server, RFC6455, Hybi-10+, Hiexie-76), HTTP Long-poll (server), raw TCP (client + server)
- serializations: JSON, MsgPack (WebSocket & raw TCP)
- platforms: CPython and PyPy with Twisted


- roles: Publisher, Subscriber, Caller, Callee
- transports: WebSocket (client), HTTP Long-poll (client)
- serializations: JSON, MsgPack (only WebSocket)
- platforms: Browsers and NodeJS


- roles: Publisher, Subscriber, Caller, Callee
- transports: WebSocket (client, RFC6455)
- serializations: JSON, MsgPack
- platforms: Android (Gingerbread+)

Getting above on the street will take some weeks - but this is what we are committed to ship.

WAMPv1 will be deprecated, but if you want to continue using WAMPv1, you can of course, using the following "last" versions of Autobahn supporting WAMPv1:

AutobahnPython: 0.6.5
AutobahnJS: 0.8.1
AutobahnAndroid: 0.5.2

If you are maintaining a WAMP implementation (, or want to develop a new one, please get in touch! We can help ..